Printscape Arena Adult Hockey Program

LABATT GET IN THE GAME is for the adult who has never played hockey before. It combines on ice skills sessions with instructional game time. The program is co-ed, non-checking, for people over 18 years of age, and is set in an insanely positive, judgement free atmosphere. No ice skating or hockey experience is required in order to participate.

​Over the course of the program, participants will learn the fundamental skills of ice hockey, including how to skate if they’ve never skated before, make new friends, and learn the greatest game on Earth. On the final week, participants graduate by playing in their first organized hockey game. Friends and family are encouraged to attend as the new hockey players graduate into the world of hockey.

All participating players will receive a
GET IN THE GAME Program jersey.

No Equipment? We’ve got you covered!
Never Played? It’s NEVER too late!
Never Skated? It’s NEVER too late!