Why should I join?

The Southpointe Chamber Business Network Group is an additional opportunity for Southpointe Chamber members to generate leads and develop business relationships. In order to join you must be a Southpointe Chamber member in good standing. There is a $100 annual fee to be a part of the SBNG.

Interested in checking out the BNG? Your first meeting is free to attend. Click here to register to attend as a guest.

By joining the Southpointe Business Network Group you will:

  1. Make new business connections in and around Southpointe.
  2. Develop ongoing contacts that will help you grow your business.
  3. Be a part of hte new online 'internet connectivity' program.
  4. Bring new ideas and products to the group for discussion and promotion.
  5. Share ideas and concetps with like thinking upward mobile business leaders.
  6. Have fun with a great social group.

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